If you haven't read The CircleMaker by Mark Baterson, I highly recommend you finding a copy. In this book, Mark shares the foundation of the circle prayer and shares how he prayed circles around property with a vision that became his reality. What a better place than to declare her destiny than to start with praying circles in her room!
Batterson recommends asking a few questions:
What is your Jericho?
The Israelites circled the walls for seven days believing that the walls would fall. It seemed like an Impossible prayer, yet they believed and were obedient. What is the cry of your heart for your children?
What are God's Promises?
Identify the Promises of God that speak to your Jericho and commit to praying circles around your children.


From my experience, as my daughter has grown I have gotten out of my tuck in time. In part, she has twin brothers that beckon for my night attention, but perhaps we are missing treasured moments to tuck them in with the TRUTH. The Word of God says that we should not let the Sun go down on anger. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist who has studied brain activity for over 25 years. She has scientific evidence that when we go to bed angry that we are making toxic pathways in our brains. She basically proved that the Word of God is scientifically backed, and we should take to heart the simple treasures that we often skim past like don't let the sun go down on your anger. She uses her evidence to now share the possibility of not only spiritually but physically altering our brains by our thoughts. We can indeed renew or minds and she has evidence.

So my thought is, if there are harmful effects to our soul and spirit to going to bed angry, we can assume that their are positive effects of going to bed with the TRUTH.  How awesome to think we are sending mental pathways that would seed her with truth all through the night....Her sleep will be sweet! Proverbs 3:24

I have created canvases of this image to create a visual awareness of the truth, while completing a devotional called "Tuck Me In Treasures" that explores each night the root of these declarations and the seeding of the truth in her. Now available at SHOP!