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Divine Impression!

Mothers, Spiritual Mothers & Mentors





Some became mothers by the fruit of their womb,
And others by a heart where love thus did bloom.
Some became mothers as they were molding lives along their way,
And others while proclaiming blessings over lives they did pray.
Some showed motherhood as they offered their hands,
Pouring into to needy souls that thirst in foreign lands.
Some showed a mother’s love as they lit ones darkened way,
While some opened their hearts and homes for the broken to stay.
Some have been that gentle voice of refuge to those found in storms,
And others have been a home to those needing open arms.
Some have been the encourager to those crying for someone to care
And some have been that whisper of love saying….I’ll  always be there!
Some have sacrificed their time to simply be present to others
But all share the heart of God-appointed Mothers.
If you are not a mother by the giving of your name,
Please know, dear friend, you have been a mother, just the same!
And we are thankful that all weren’t mothers by womb
Because we’d have less hands to allow mothers to bloom!