A vision to raise up a new generation of girls that live out their true identity in Christ.
Beloved. Chosen. Deeply Loved. Redeemed. Radiant.

Photo Credit:  Daniel White

Photo Credit: Daniel White

Rochelle Frazier-Foster

How I missed it. Even on the front pew of the church and singing with all I had in me, I still missed it. It is so easy to get lost in Religion and never find the Relationship that our hearts long for. We were created for great love! With a God-sized hole we set out seeking for something of this world to fill us. As little girls we long to be a princess and set out to create a castle while waiting on prince charming. As we grow, we trade in our fairytale dreams and settle for something far from a Royal Destiny. We look to different things to fill us like cheerleading or beauty or  academics or boys. We follow this by careers and marriage and babies, yet the longing remains.

I lived this story until 2006 when my world came crashing in. A natural disaster, a diagnosis and a divorce would bring me to my knees where I would finally find Him. In the greatest struggle of my life, I met the Healer, the Provider, the Comforter and the only one that could fill this great hole in my heart. I asked Him for an idea to change my life, and He gave me the most precious cast of characters aimed at touching the world with Southern Grace. The "Sweeteas" did change my life, but not as much as Him answering that prayer. I thought I believed my whole life until the moment I realized He answers audacious prayers even today. It challenged everything I thought I believed, because He wasn't angry or disappointed or standing at the door waiting to deliver my judgement. No, He was LOVE... a love beyond what I cut fit into words. He was good and kind and generous.  I had longed for a love that would fight for me and one that couldn't live without me,  and I realized He felt the same way about me.

I don't want to make you love me, I want you to not be able to live without me, Rochelle.

I begin seeing with new lens who I was in Him, and that alone held the only value in my life. I didn't have to be perfect or socially full or even married to find that I was loved immensely and completely worthy! 

God has redeemed my story and now I have not one daughter but two! I have three sons and an amazing man of God that covers us all.

On this journey, I have asked God to use me where He sees need. I found myself a few years ago in a middle school, and my heart broke wide open seeing fully what kids today face. How different their lives would be if they could get it now.....

Who they really are? Who He wants to be for them? And nothing of this earth can ever compare to knowing the Father intimately!

While the Sweeteas birthed my ministry, I have spent the past few years speaking into the hearts of broken women lost in both the world and in the church. My prayer is always to stir desire in others to seek Him passionately! I realized rather quickly how few young mothers attended events always busy chasing schedules of their little ones. It appears women tend to seek when they have more time which means when their nest is empty. If we wait until all of our babies are gone, we miss the opportunity to leave a divine impression as we are called to.

My passion going forward with Sweeteas is to use it as a tool to help women raise up girls of a different Spirit. A spirit that is kind, generous, grateful and abounding in Grace. A spirit that sees others treasure without getting lost in their dirt. A spirit that wants to honor God in all they do. A spirit that finds fullness in Him alone. A spirit that knows the love of the Father. A spirit that sees themselves as God sees them.

You can find my women's ministry and my blog at rochellefrazier.com.

Shanna & Ella Grace Byrd

Shanna and Ella Grace are from Prattville, Alabama. Shanna has worked with Rochelle for the past two years planning events Being a young mom and having the most precious Sweetea, Shanna will be a lead contributor of "Raising The Daughter of the King." We will be featuring Ella Grace on "Sweet Tea with Ella Grace."