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Your Calling Revealed

They were the chosen people yet they traveled around the same mountain for forty years searching for a promised land. Can you even imagine the moment filled with anticipation awaiting to step into the promise land?  Finally, it is here! In Deuteronomy 6, Moses teaches the people the keys to abiding and thriving in the promised land, and I believe the key to unlocking our own today is found in this same passage:
Love. Loyalty. Legacy.
There is something in your divine DNA that says. “My role is irreplaceable,”and we see the root from Genesis 1, to Deuteronomy 6 and in John 15 that our lives were meant to be PROLIFIC. Our lives were supposed to leave an impression …A legacy. As much as we feel torn and pulled by expectations of society to have our children in every activity and to never miss an event, this is no where found in the book of wisdom.
It does however speak in this same chapter of Deuteronomy that we are to bind the truth around our children when they walk and talk and rise and sleep. We are to tie them as symbols around their arms and heads and put them in the doorways. We are to leave first and foremost a Divine Impression on our children teaching them who they are and who He is for them. We are rising up a generation of women that seek to live the calling to love Him above all things, to allow that Love to birth loyalty that would move us to radical obedience that would impact generations leaving a divine legacy that will outlive us. We call her a D6 Woman!

Rochelle Frazier-Foster

Rochelle Frazier-Foster

Start Your Own D6 Group

We encourage you to start your own D6 Woman local group.

The greatest impression we can leave upon another is that we have been with the King.
We know that coming together in unity with a heart to worship Him calls forth the PRESENCE.
Step One:
Invite women into your home to simply pray and worship together.
Step Two:
Transition into Bible Study if there is not already a community based Bible Study in your area. The Word of God is our truth and it frees us to be the Woman He has called us to be.
Step Three:
Become a vessel of that love by mentoring other women, seeding your children or loving on your city.
It is important that you not stop at Step Two. You don't have to master the Word to leave an impression. The greatest impression we can leave is that we have been with the KING!  Make sure that you have a mentor pouring in and that you are always pouring out. We aren't prey to doubt when we are pouring out. There is no condemnation in Christ, so don't worry over missing your timing. You have been called for such a time as this!
D6 Event McComb, MIssissippi

D6 Event McComb, MIssissippi

D6 Event in Dothan, Alabama

D6 Event in Dothan, Alabama


October 18th
Cedarlake Community Church
Biloxi, Mississippi

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